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Custom Closets

Custom Closets


The average American spends anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes getting ready every morning – that’s over a week each year. Why spend this time in a space you aren’t proud of? We don’t believe you should have to. As the leader in whole home organization services, we offer a unique, customized design to every customer. Whether your closet be a cherished space or simply a place to hang your clothes, we offer unparalleled personalization, allowing you to contribute to the design process, and ensuring that you end up with a closet which best fits your needs and lifestyle.


A walk-in closet is a positive addition to any room. A disorganized walk-in closet, however, can be a burden. Lack of organization leads to lack of utilization, and our expert designers are here to help you avoid wasting your walk-in closet space by transforming it into a closet you can take pride in. This process includes personalization of everything from the layout of the closet to the color of your drawers. With valet rods, tie racks, hampers, pull-out drawers, and jewelry trays to choose from, there is no limit to the customization. When your project is done, your overcrowded space will have become the ultimate walk-in closet, creating calm out of chaos.


At Tailored Living, we believe that a reach-in closet is more than a single clothing rod. We see possibility within a reach-in space – possibility for tiered rods, drawers, shelves, and overall maximization of your closet. Our custom designs include a variety of options for personalization, including different colors, styles, and finishes, to turn your closet into the ideal space you are looking for. When it comes to maximizing your reach-in closet space, go ahead and exhale, we got this.