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Dunn’s River Stratus Floor in Irvine

Project Details

  • Project Name Dunn's River Stratus Floor in Irvine
  • Client Jenny G.
  • Category Garage Flooring, Epoxy Garage Flooring, Epoxy
  • Date November 2019
  • Duration 4 Days
  • Location Irvine, CA

Project Details

Our client in Irvine was looking for a durable, long lasting, and beautiful garage floor. She decided to go with a Dunn’s River colored Stratus epoxy floor. There are many noticeable differences between the Stratus floor and our more commonly installed chip floor. One of the biggest differences is that this flooring project takes a total of 4 days to complete as opposed to our typical 2 day installs.

For the first two days, our installer starts by prepping the floor as usual and lays down multiple coats of black base coat. Next, on the third day our installers create the metallic swirl pattern that is seen all  throughout the floor. All of the swirls are done by hand, and therefore every Stratus floor has a different look to them. Finally, on the forth day our installer seals the floor with a coat of clear top coat.

The end result was a breath-taking garage floor, which our client was thrilled by!