Garage Flooring

PremierGarage of Orange County has taken advantage of the latest advances in polymer floor coating technology to offer you a floor coating system for your garage that is not only incredibly beautiful to look at and a snap to clean, but is also far more durable and stain resistant than the competition, 100% protected from potential UV and oxidation damage, and can usually be placed in for service 24 hours after it is installed. The bottom line – our garage flooring systems are a revolutionary advance in the industry and are clearly superior in every way to epoxies and other floor finishes such as rubber mats, tiles, and other do-it-yourself products.

With our flooring system, you will be able to get back in your garage almost immediately since our flooring systems generally are completely cured and ready for use within 24-48 hours. Compare this to more traditional materials like epoxies which often take a week or more to dry.

Decorative Chip Flooring

Transform your Garage floor with our decorative chip flooring. All products used on the floor are of the highest quality. A unique blend of a polymer resin material is used to create the most durable and stain resistant product. There are many different color combinations you can choose from.Decorative chip flooring can be applied and [...]

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Solid Floor Coating

Our solid colored garage flooring can add sophistication to any garage. WIth many different options available you are sure to find the right style. All of our solid colors maintain a high shine while being slip resistant. Another great feature is all of our flooring is stain resistant. Take a look at our galleries to [...]

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PremierFlex Floor Tiles

PremierFlex floor tile will give a truly unique look to your garage floor. These flooring tiles are perfect for your garage, workshop, playroom, workout room, showroom or even around your swimming pool.
The unique design of PremierFlex allows water or other liquids to drain with ease keeping your special area safe. PremierFlex tiles are easily cleaned [...]

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