Garage Cabinets

You’d like to have a clean and well organized garage, one that you can actually enjoy spending time in and show off to your neighbors and friends. You’ve come to the right place! We’ll make it easy and affordable with our garage cabinetry systems. Whether you like traditional wood cabinets or prefer a stainless steel or metal finish, PremierGarage of Orange County has the solution you’re looking for.

You don’t have to put up with the clutter and mess in your garage any longer. All of your sports equipment, work tools and other items can be stored away in our extra deep cabinets and be out of sight. The end result will be a beautiful, safe, and incredibly functional cabinet storage system that will be the talk of your neighborhood.

Traditional Maple Wood Cabinets

PremierGarage of Orange County has designed a cabinet system that keeps your belongings out of harm’s way, no matter what the danger. How do we do this? All of our cabinets are lifted off the ground and installed on your wall at least 6-8″ above your garage floor.
Rodents, insects and other pests will no longer [...]

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Powder-Coated (Red and Slate)

Finally! A garage with some personality! Tired of maple or white cabinets? The newly added Powder-Coated Tech Red cabinet is nothing like anything you have seen before. This garage says it all. Whether you are matching your Red ‘67 Corvette, or just adding a little personality to your home garage, the powder-coated cabinets are [...]

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Windswept Bronze

Not your run-of-the-mill garage cabinets. This unique style only offered at PremierGarage will give your garage that ‘touch’ you were looking for while still keeping in simple and classy.

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Stainless Steel

At PremierGarage of Orange County, you’ll get a design that fits perfectly for your home. We’ve added stainless steel and metal garage cabinets to our lineup in 2009.  All of our cabinets are made from the highest quality materials available. They are manufactured and then installed in your garage by our professionally trained personnel in [...]

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Pewter Cabinets

Our pewter garage cabinets go very well with a dark car or a dark garage floor coating. Shown in our sliding door configuration, this cabinetry system will help create space, and save room, all in one.

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PremierAccess Sliding Door Cabinets

Do you have a garage that doesn’t have adequate space for both your vehicles and swinging cabinet doors? Is that lack of space one of the reasons you haven’t taken maximum advantage of your garage as a place where you can safely and securely store a lot of your stuff? We know what a pain [...]

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